Interested in joining the Dive Team?

ALCO Dive Team recruits new volunteers throughout the year. A training academy starts every calendar year for recruits that have been interviewed and accepted by Dive Team Officers.

We welcome divers and non-divers alike. Volunteers should be over 18 years of age, in good physical condition. Individuals interested in diving positions should be proficient divers with significant experience in cold water, limited visibility diving. Operational non-diving positions are also available for interested individuals. These positions include Dive Tenders, Dive Profilers, Safety Officers and Equipment Operations & Maintenance.

Our Training Program

All prospective Dive Team members will undergo a full year of training in various Public Safety techniques and operations. The Training Academy in itself is a 3 month long program with both classroom, pool and self-study academic requirements which includes:

The Incident Command System (ICS)
Public Safety Diving Skills & Operations
Tender Skills and Operations
Profiler Skills and Operations
Equipment Review & Operations
First Aid/CPR Training (if not already attained)
Oxygen Provider for Scuba Diving (if not already attained)

ALCO Dive Team training covers specialized skills in zero visibility diving, search & recovery techniques, weapons handling, communications, equipment use and protocols, body bagging, navigation and anchoring, and witness interviewing.

At the conclusion of the Training Academy, cadets are assigned to one of four Dive Teams with the Team Captain responsible for further training, observation and mentoring.

Prospective Dive Team members are expected to and pass an Alameda County Sheriff's office background check before participating as full members.

The ALCO Dive Team will provide the required equipment for all training and operational assignments except for mask, fins, gloves or boots.
Please check with us to make sure that your personal equipment is suitable for the type of diving operations that we do.

Dive Team Member Requirements (after Academy):

Attend Monthly Meetings
Attend Monthy Trainings
Assist in Equipement Maintenance and Setup
Be available 24 x 7, 365 days for call outs and operations as needed.
Participate in your Dive Team assignments

Volunteers are not paid for their time on the Dive Team

Additional information: